New Acoustic Instruments

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We carry the following brands of acoustic instruments.  Our stock is constantly changing, so please call or e-mail us for specific models and prices.  Due to restrictions in our dealer agreements, we unable to list certain brands we have for sale here.   If you do not see a certain brand listed here, don't worry...chances are that we do indeed sell it here.   In certain instances, we cannot publish our discounted prices here.  Please contact us for more information.

C.F. Martin and Company

Martin Guitars have been carrying on a tradition of excellence since 1833.  Many would argue that they are producing the finest instruments today that they have ever made in their entire history.  They currently offer a wide range of styles covering everything from portable Backpacker guitars to the most ornate custom instruments.  We carry a full range of Martin Guitars from styles 1 through 45,  OO,  OOO,  OM,  M,  J,  D,  and B (bass) body styles,  as well as one of a kind and limited production items.  They sell quickly, but new models come in all the time.  Click here for more specific details on certain models.  

X Series       Road Series      15/17 Series       16 Series          Standard            Vintage              Limited Ed.

DX 1        (0)        DM       (0)                 D15                (1)        D16GT              (2)        D28          (2)          HD-28V      (1)           Cowboy II      (2)

DX1R      (0)        DM12   (0)                 J12-15            (0)        DC-16GTE       (2)        D35          (2)         OOO28EC (2)            D-28GE          (1)

DCX1E    (0)        JM       (0)                 J-15                (0)        DC16RGTE      (0)        D41          (0)         OM18V      (1)             SO Ukes        (0)

                                                               JC15E            (1)        JC16GTE          (0)       D42          (0)         OM28V     (1)              

                                                               OOO15         (1)        JC16RGTE       (0)       OOO18   (1)          D-45V        (1)             D-16BH         (1)       

                                                               OOOC15E    (1)        OOO16GT       (1)       HJ-28      (1)                                               Babyface       (1)

                                                               OM15            (2)                                              OM18      (0)                                              AlternativeX (1)

                                                               OO-17          (2)         OOOC16GTE   (1)      OM28      (0)                                              Alternative II (1)                                                                                                    OOOC16RGTE (1)      D42         (1)                                              OM-45GE      (1)

                                                               D-17              (1)         OM16GT           (0)       D42K       (0)                                              D-41DF          (1)

                                                               DC-15E         (1)        D16RGT            (1)                                                                                                                                                                          OOO16SGT    (1)                                                                           OMC-18VLJ  (1)

Gibson USA

Acoustic guitars are made in Bozeman, Montana.  In 1997,  Gibson introduced a whole new line of custom acoustics as well as the models that made them famous from the outset.  Gibson guitars are some of the finest instruments being produced in the United States today.  They offer a unique voice and appearance unmatched by any other instrument.  Stock is constantly changing, but new models arrive frequently. Click here for more details on specific models.

In Stock Now: J-45 VSB                                Qty:    1                           J-45 Macassar Ebony                 Qty:    1 

                                J-160E VSB                            Qty:    1                           Songbird Dlx. Rosewood        Qty:    1

                                J-200 NAT                              Qty:   1                            J-185  NAT                                     Qty:  1                                       

                               Southern Jumbo VSB     Qty:  1                            Advanced Jumbo VSB      Qty:   1

                                E. Harris Signature          Qty: 1                            Hummingbird CSB               Qty:   1


Collings Guitars

Collings guitars are handmade in Austin Texas.  They are quickly becoming some of the most sought after instruments in the world.  Most models are based on pre-war Martin designs blended with Bill Collings' innovations and improvements.  Workmanship and tone are consistently immaculate. Production is very limited, and the instruments sell quickly.   Click here for more details on specific models.

In Stock Now:                                         OM-2H                            Qty:    1               


James Goodall Guitars

James Goodall has been making guitars for over 20 years, and personifies the spirit of the artist in lutherie.  All of his instruments are handmade in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.  Woods are carefully chosen for their tonal qualities and beauty, and combine as works of art as much as they are instruments.  Many would argue that he makes the best sounding flat top guitars around, and few can match the warmth and resonance of his instruments.  Click here for more details on specific models. 

In Stock Now:        Concert Jumbo Koa Custom/Cedar top                          Qty:    1

                                Traditional E. Indian Rosewood/Red Spruce top     Qty:    1


Grimes Guitars  

Steve Grimes helped put Hawaii on the guitar building map, and at the same time has established himself as one of the premier arch top builders in the world.  His reputation is gaining legendary status, as attested to by the 'Blue Guitars' of the Chinery Collection, where the Grimes reserved top honors.  His mastery of instrument making extends into his unique flat top guitars as well.  His dual sound hole 'Beamer' model has redefined the sounds of Hawaiian slack key guitar.   Production is extremely limited.  Click for more details on specific models.

In Stock Now:    None.


Jose Ramirez  

Jose Ramirez guitars are probably the most recognized name in fine classical guitars.  These guitars are crafted in Spain, and are available in limited quantities.  Student models are available in two sizes with various wood combinations, and their presentation series are hand made to order.  Click here for more details on specific models.

In Stock Now:    4E            Qty:     1                

                                    R4            Qty:    1

Epiphone Guitars

Epiphone guitars are a division of the Gibson company. They are by far one of the best values in guitars today. They offer a wide range of acoustic models including reissues of tried and true Gibson designs, bluegrass instruments, classicals, steel strings in various sizes, and even acoustic basses. Epiphone guitars feature limited lifetime warranties on all their models.  Click here for more details on specific models.

In Stock Now:            AJ-10 NAT         Qty:  1                C-10                Qty:  10

                                         AJ-10 BLK            Qty:  10                PR-100 NAT           Qty: 2 4         


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