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Used and Vintage Instruments



If you are looking for a particular instrument, or have questions about an instrument listed here, be sure to e-mail us so that we can add you to our want lists.  Pictures are available upon request.  Instruments with original cases are usually noted (e.g. OHSC = original hard shell case).


  Acoustic Flat Tops   Electric Basses
  Mandolins, Banjos, misc.     Electric Arch tops/Semi-hollows
  Electric Solid-bodies          Amplifiers


Baden A-style Maple 2008.   A unique fingerstyle guitar with a maple body, spruce top, cutaway, and minimum appointments.  But it does sound good!  NMC, HSC $795.

Collings OOO-2HC 1994.  A 12-fret cutaway body with Indian rosewood sides/back and Sitka spruce top.  VGC+, HSC $2995.

Goya G-30 1963.  Made by the Levin Company in Sweden, this nylon string guitar features figured maple sides/back and a  solid spruce top.  EC-, HSC $450.

Kohno Model 20 1975.  Jacaranda rosewood and a solid spruce top is standard on this model.  EC, HSC  $4500.

Larrivee D-09 recent.  A USA made dreadnaught with solid rosewood sides/back, solid spruce top, and ebony bridge/finger board.  NMC, HSC $1650.

Larrivee JCL Reissue 40th Anniversary recent.  Based on a classic Larrivee body shape, it features solid rosewood sides/back, solid spruce top, and ebony bridge/finger board.  NMC, HSC $1950.

Martin 5-18 Marty Robbins 2009.  A limited run Size 5 guitar with mahogany sides/back and spruce top made in honor of the legendary country artist.  NMC, HSC $2495.


Martin D-18 1940.  It’s a classic D-18 with no frills and a lot of tone in original condition.  EC, $24,500.

Martin D-35 1968.  Here’s a fine example of late 60s D-35 with Brazilian rosewood.  You would not find a better example for your collection than this one.  EC, HSC $5995.

Martin D-1 2009.  An excellent instrument featuting all solid Sapele wood construction on the body and solid spruce top.   A good first instrument for the budding guitar player.  VGC+, HSC  $550.

Martin OO-18 1948.  Small-body Martins are definitely in demand right now and vintage style 18 guitars are among the best deals out there.  The mahogany body/spruce top combination is lightweight and resonant.  Give this one a try and see if you agree!  VGC, SC $3995.

Ramirez 1A 1976.  This instrument features rosewood sides/back, cedar sound board, and the "Segovia" scale length.  EC, HSC $3950.

Taylor 710ce 2003.  A standard dreadnaught with rosewood body, cedar top, cutaway, and ES pickup.  VGC, HSC $1495.

Taylor GS5e 2012. 
The Grand Symphony mahogany body with a cedar top produces a tone that is balanced and projects wonderfully.  VGC+, HSC $1695.

Taylor GS7e 2012.
  Similar to the GS5e above, this guitar features rosewood sides and back with a cedar top.  The rosewood body reinforces the low mid-range and bass response.  EC, HSC $1895.


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Gibson EB-3 1976.  Classic SG bodied bass in all its mid 70s walnut-finished, voluted-neck glory!  Tons of sustain from the dense mahogany body, big round growly tone from the Varitone circuit and the humbucking pickups.  VGC+, OHSC $1195.

Fender Jazz Bass 1974.  The natural finished ash body is highlighted by natural maple neck/fingerboard with block inlays.  VGC, HSC $2595.

Fender Jazz Bass 1978.  A later version of the above mentioned bass with same features.  Ash body, natural, maple board, block inlays.  VGC, GB $1995

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Fender Dual Professional Steel 1950s.  The two eight string necks are solid ash with a butterscotch finish.  VGC, HSC $1195.

Fuzzy Excel Jerry Byrd Steel.  Made in the image of Rickenbacker's Fry Pan, this 8-string lap steel features all metal construction.  EC, HSC $1195.

Gibson ETU Electric Ukulele circa 1950s  Well, here's something totally different.  Gibson ukuleles are rare birds indeed, but an electric one is something else.  This one has all solid mahogany body/neck construction, rosewood fingerboard, a P90 style pickup, with a volume/tone control plate.  It has been refinished and had several cracks repaired.  VGC+  NC  $2995.

Kamaka Tenor 4 Ukulele 1960s.  It has a repair in the top and been refinished.  It also features a "Outrigger" style head stock and a gold label.  GC+, SC $500.

Martin Style 51 Baritone Ukulele post 1963.  Featuring all mahogany construction, this uke has a repaired back crack and been refinished.  VGC, SC $695.

Martin Style 51 Baritone Ukulele post 1963.  An excellent example of a Martin Baritone uke with all mahogany construction and original hard case.  NMC, HC  $1295.


Martin Style 1 Soprano Ukulele late 60s-early 70s.  It has a repaired crack on the back and has been refinished.  VGC, SC $695.

Martin Style 1 Soprano Ukulele 1950s.  All mahogany construction with tortoise-style bindings.  EC, SC $995.

Martin Style 1 Soprano Ukulele 1950s.  All mahogany construction with ivoroid-style bindings.  EC, HSC $895.

Martin Style 3K Soprano Ukulele 1920s.  Here's something that doesn't show up very often.  Hawaiian koa wood body, mahogany neck, multi-ply bindings, and a ivoroid inlay behind the bridge.  It has been refinished, but it was done a long time ago.  VGC+, HSC $2995.


Rickenbacker Model B Steel, 1940s.  The classic bakelite lap steel that everyone wants.  White metal plates, metal tailpiece, small horseshoe-style pickup.  All original and very clean.  EC+, HSC $1195.

Sho-Bud J.E.B Custom Steel recent.  A double 10-string neck Hawaiian-style steel guitar (no pedals on this one) with legs.  EC, HSC  $1495.

Sonny D Super Concert recent.  The signature bell shaped body has all koa construction with black binding.  EC, NC $1000.

Sonny D Tenor 6-string recent.  A tenor 6-string with a birdseye maple bell shaped body and a cedar top.  EC, NC $750.


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Epiphone Deluxe Zephyr Regent circa 1947  An interesting example of a Epiphone archtop from the 1940s.  A 17 inch maple body with a hand carved spruce top and cutaway.  The single P90 pickup in the rear position is coupled with a volume/tone control.  VGC NC  $3995.


Gibson ES-330TD 1962.  This is a very nice example of an early 60s ES-330 Gibson.  The double cutaway thin line hollow body features a sunburst finish and two P90 pickups.  EC, HSC  $3750.

Gibson ES-335TD 1964  A nice early 1960s example of a 335.  This one has the factory issued Bigsby vibrato with the "Custom Made" plaque on the body.  EC OHSC  $12,900.

Gibson L-5CES 1986.
We don't get many vintage sunburst L-5CES guitars in used, so if you are in the market for one, here it is.  It is very clean with the exception of some corrosion on the pickup covers where it meets the pickguard.  EC+, OHSC $5995.

Mosrite Combo MK1 1968.  This one is for the Mosrite fanatics out there.  A red hollow body version with the classic Mosrite look and that skinny neck you all adore!  VGC, HSC $1995.

Rickenbacker 360/12FG Carl Wilson 2000.  A 12-string limited editon model for the guitarist of the legendary Beach Boys.  A very nice figured maple body, traditional "fireglo" sunburst finish, checkered body binding, and a special thin top for acoustic resonance.  EC, HSC $3995.



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Burns Flyte 1970s.  This sleek, metallic green solid body features a “Dynamic Tension” bridge and was inspired by the Concorde SST aircraft.  VGC+, HSC  $2595.

Fender Freddie Tavares Aloha Stratocaster 1994 number 1 of 153  A tribute to one of Leo Fender's longtime employees.  The hollow aluminum body features an anodized finish with Hawaiian scenery graphics.  It features all the paper work, plus a deluxe custom blue leather gig bag and a special SKB molded flight case.  MC OGB and OHSC  $15,000.

Gibson Jimmy Page Signature Double Neck circa 2004.  Limited run of 250 units.  It is done in the aged VOS style cherry red finish.  Comes with a framed Certificate of Authenticity.  For the true Led Zep fanatic.  EC, HSC $6995.

Gibson '61 Reissue SG 2007.  An unusual looking SG from Gibson.  This example is not only sports a high gloss ebony finish, but also gold hardware all around.  EC-, HSC  $995.

Gibson Nighthawk Custom 1994.  This small body electric has a maple top, tri-burst finish, one mini-humbucker, and one angled humbucker.  EC, HSC  $1695.

Gibson Reverse V 2007.  Yes, it’s exactly how it looks!  This is a future collectable and always a conversation piece.  MC, HSC  $1495.

Hayman 3030 mid 1970s.  Designed by James Burns for another company, the English-made Hayman features a solid obeche body and a black bound maple neck.  VGC, HSC  $1195.

PRS Custom 24 Bonnie Pink 1990.  This amazing guitar is in the extremely rare Bonni Pink finish made for longtime PRS friend and associate Bonni Lloyd.  Stunning flame maple top. Includes a second backplate signed by Bonni.  MC, HSC $8500.

PRS Custom 24 1989.  Just got hung on our display wall.  A very nice "10 Top" with a brownburst finish and moon inlays.  EC, HSC $3750.

PRS Standard 1994.  Just arrived and displayed on the wall.  It has a surf green finish and moon inlays.  EC, HSC $INQUIRE.

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Fender Deluxe Reverb 1965.  The speaker has been replaced on this one.  EC, NC $2495.

Fender Twin Reverb 1966. 
At the time, it was the most powerful combo amp available for the working musician.  A 100 watts of all tube power pushing through two 12 inch speakers made sure you were heard in the dance hall. VGC+, NC $1995.


Fishman Acoustic Pro/Acoustic Monitor Amplifiers 1999  The Acoustic Boom of the 90s spurred manufacturers to push the envelope of technology to create new products to meet the needs of the acoustic performer.  The Fishman company entered the acoustic amp market and created the Acoustic Pro.  A three channel, 270 watt mighty mite with pristine digital effects, and many professional features that make life on the road a little easier to deal with.  Coupled with the 270 watt Acoustic Monitor, you had the ultimate PA system for the solo acoustic guitarist.  The Acoustic Pro pair retailed close to $3500 when it was new.  Selling the pair together with one gig bag.  EXC, GB $1395.



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                                  ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF FASHION





You've probably seen them in your town.  They've extended their reach beyond the Hawaiian Islands, across the United States, Canada, Japan, and the world!  People have traveled great distances to acquire them.  Tourists buy them by the dozen to take home a little Hawaii with them.


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